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Budget Saving Hints

Author/Submitted by: Chris Rines <CHRISR@WMCV01.HOSP.GOV.BC.CA>
Servings: 1
Categories: Household / Information / Non-Food

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1. (1) Buy whole chickens and cut it up. You'll save 30 - 40 percent over pre-cut chicken.

2. (2) For beef and pork always buy the family pack. Again about a 15% savings.

3. (3) Pasta !!! Cheap and really versatile. Always have lots on hand. Lasagna can be especially good. Make a big one, cut it into meal size individual portions and freeze them.

4. (4) Rice !!! Again cheap and you can do a lot with it. Take 2 cups of rice steam, when done scramble 3 eggs, throw in some green onions and any left over chicken scraps (when butchering a chicken there's always little bits and pieces kicking around), add the rice, some soy sauce and fry it on up.

5. (5) Stir fries. Lots of inexpensive veggies and some meat.

6. For 4 and 5 you don't need a wok just a big fry pan. A wok is nice but not really needed.

7. (6) Always have something like Kraft Dinner, etc. on hand for those nights you really don't fell like cooking for yourself. As a bachelor or bachelorette sometimes it's a real drag to cook but for health reasons you should eat something.

8. (7) A microwave is a must. You can pick up a little one for no more than $80 dollars. They really help for defrosting and heating leftovers.

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