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Candy Making Information

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 1
Categories: Candies / Information


1. Slightly more cooking of the syrup is required on damp or rainy days than on a dry, clear day. Allowance is made for this in the following table. The higher temperature should be used on a damp day while the lower is right for clear weather.

2. Soft ball, for fondant, fudge, panocha: 234F. to 238F.

3. Firm ball, for caramels: 246F. to 248F.

4. Hard ball, for taffy: 265F. to 270F.

5. Crack stage, for butterscotch: 290F. to 300F.

6. Hard crack, for brittles, sticks, lollypops: 300F. to 310F.

7. Hard crack stage, for clear hard candies: to 310F.

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