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Caramel-Chocolate Pecan Pie

Author/Submitted by: RUTH BURKHAR
Servings: 8
Categories: Chocolate / Desserts / Pies & Pastries

1  cup  pecans, pieces
1    pie crust (9 inch), unbaked
6  ounces  chocolate chips
1/2  cup  caramel topping
8  ounces  cream cheese
1  pint  sour cream
1/2  cup  sugar
1  teaspoon  vanilla
3    eggs
    cocoa powder, optional

1. Sprinkle pecans evenly in unbaked pastry shell; sprinkle with chocolate pieces and drizzle with caramel topping. Set aside.

2. In med. mixing bowl combine cream cheese, sour cream, sugar and vanilla; beat with electric mixer on med. speed until smoooth. Add eggs, beating on low speed just until combined. Pour over caramel topping in crust.

3. Bake in 350 F. oven abt. 45 min., or until center appears set. Cool on a wire rack. Cover and chill for at least 1 hr. before serving. Sift cocoa powder over pie, if desired.

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