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Fish Tacos Info

Author/Submitted by: Rich McCormack <macknet@CTS.COM>
Servings: 1
Categories: Information / Mexican / Seafood


1. I hadn't thought about it -- fish tacos might not be familiar to many people outside the So. Calif. area (not including people south of the US/Mexico border, where fish tacos are more common). Basically, "authentic" fish tacos are fish fillets that are batter dipped, deep-fried, and wrapped up in a warmed, soft corn tortilla with salsa, shredded cabbage, a mayonnaise based white sauce, and a wedge of lime. The story of their "discovery" goes something like this:

2. During his college days, Ralph Rubio used to travel south of the US/Mexico border for a little fun 'n suds during Spring Break. He found fish tacos being served at taco stands in San Felipe, Baja California. Deciding they might be as popular north of the border as they were south, Rubio started experimenting with different batters and a deep-fat fryer in 1982. He opened his first walk up Mexican food outlet in San Diego in 1983. Rubio now owns a chain of Mexican food restaurants that stretches all over the county and probably beyond. As evidence of the popularity of fish tacos, many San Diego area restaurants now serve at least one version; and, they've gone beyond batter dipped deep-fried fish. They now include marinated grilled fish, shell fish, shark...

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