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Glossary of French Foods

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1. A la boitella: Cooked with mushrooms; A la broch: Cooked on a skewer; A la mode: In the style of; A la vapeur: Steamed; A l'etuvee: Stewed; Aspic: Any jellied dish or a jellied glaze; Au gratin: Sprinkled with crumbs and/or cheese and baked brown; Au jus: Served with natural juice or gravy; Au lait: With milk

2. Beurre: Butter; Beurre fondu: Melted butter; Beurre noir: Butter browned until its almost black; Bien cuit: Well done; Bouilli: Boiled; Braise: Braised. Food well browned in a little hot fat, then simmered in a little liquid covered until tender

3. Cafe noir: Black coffee; Chartreuse: Any combination of chopped foods in a mold; Chaud: Hot; Coeur: Heart; Cru: Uncooked; raw

4. Diable: Deviled; Duchesse: Potatoes mixed with egg and forced through a pastry tube

5. En brochette: Broiled and served on a skewer; En coquille: In the shell; in shell-shaped ramekins; En gelee: In jelly; En papillotte: Baked in an oiled paper bag; Epice: Spice

6. Fines Herbes: Mixture of herbs like minced chives, parsley and tarragon or thyme; Foie: Liver; Fondue de fromage: A melted cheese dish; Fourre: Baked; Frappe: Sweetened fruit juices frozen to a mush; Fricassee: Braised meats or poultry; Frit: Fried; Froid: Cold; Fume: Smoked

7. Garni: Garnished; Gateau: Cake; Glace: Ice, ice cream; Glace: Iced; Gras: Fat; Grille: Grilled or broiled

8. Hache: Finely chopped or sliced

9. Jardiniere: Diced, mixed vegetables; Julienne: Match-like strips of meat, vegetables or cheese

10. Lyonnaise: Cooked with onions

11. Macedoine: Mixture of vegetables or fruits; Mousse: Light, airy dish, usually containing beaten egg whites or whipped cream, for dessert or main dish; meat, poultry or fish, finely ground, served in a mold

12. Oeufs: Eggs

13. Pain: Bread; Pane: Prepared with bread crumbs; Puree: Mashed

14. Ragout: A stew with rice gravy; Roti: Roast; Roux: A mixture of butter and flour used for thickening soups or sauces

15. Saunte: Fried lightly in a little fat; Souffle: A baked fluffy main dish or dessert made of milk and egg yolks into which stiffly beaten egg whites are folded

16. Vinaigrette: A marinade or salad sauce of oil, vinegar, pepper and herbs

17. VIANDES (MEATS): Boeuf: Beef; Jambon: Ham; Porc: Pork; Veau: Veal; Agneau: Lamb; Lapin: Rabbit

18. VILAILLE (POULTRY): Canard: Duck; Coq: Rooster; Oie: Goose; Poulet: Chicken; Poule: Hen; Poularde: Fat Pullet; Dinde: Turkey; Faisan: Pheasant

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