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Growing Garlic

Author/Submitted by: More Make Your Own Groceries, Shared by Sherilyn Schamber
Servings: 1
Categories: Garden / Information

    Single cloves of garlic

1. Plant single cloves of ordinary grocery-store garlic, point side up and 1" deep in loose garden soil. Space cloves 4" apart from each other and plant in the fall just as you would plant any other bulb. Water generously when springtime arrives, then stop watering when the brown at the leaf tips begins to move down the leaves and the leaves begin to droop and break.

2. When this happens, let the plant mature without watering it until most of the leaves turn brown. To harvest, loosen soil around each bulb and remove the whole plant, shake off excess dirt. Spread out or hang plants to dry in partial shade for a week or until the leaves and skins are papery. Trim off most of the leaves and roots but keep some of each to prevent spoilage.

3. Braid or tie the stems to get hanging garlands of garlic bulbs. Hang in a cool, dry spot for up to a year.

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