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Liqueur Glossary (Part Two) Glorious Liqueurs

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 1
Categories: Alcohol / Beverages / Information / Liqueurs


Continued from Part One Grand Marnier: Proprietary name for a classic French liqueur based on Cognac. Deeply flavored with the peels of wild bitter oranges, this liqueur's fragrance is tantamount to perfume. Irish Cream Liqueur: Fresh Irish cream, whiskey, and hints of coconut and caramel round out this creamy liqueur, delicious as an ingredient, substantial enough to make an instant topping. Serve chilled, on the rocks, or at room temperature. Ireish Mist: Similar to Drambuie, this liqueur is based on whiskey and sweetened with honey. Kahlua: From Mexico comes this espresso colored, coffee-flavored liqueur, which does much to enhance coffee and all other drinks, as well as desserts. Le Grande Passion: From the manufacturers of Grand Marnier, a passion fruit liqueur based on Armagnac. Not as sweet tasting as Alize, it is appropriate for use in both before- and after- dinner drinks. Liqueur Brule: A caramel liqueur with a buttery nuance. Liqueur Galliano: Golden Italian Liqueur in a long-necked bottle. Distilled from seeds, herbs, and spices, it's often poured into orange juice ho make Harvey Wallbanger cocktails. Liquore Strega: An Italian liqueur with a lively citrus quality and golden color. Lochan Ora: From Scotland, this Scotch-based liqueur is quietly flavored with ingredients from the West Indies and Sri Lanka. Mandarine Napoleon: Tangerines and Cognac flavor this amber liqueur. Midori: Bright green like the honeydew it's named flavored with, this Japanese liqueur is refreshingly true to the fruit. (Midori means "green" in Japanese.) Nocello: Rich with walnut flavor, useful in any recipe calling for the nut's rich character. Opal Nera: An ebony-colored 80-proof Italian sambuca. Flavored with anise and elderflower with a wisp of lemon. Ouzo: This clear Greek liqueur is anise-flavored, but it's not as sweet, and it's stronger than regular anisette. Like Pernod, it turns opalescent when mixed with water. Pernod: The color of unripe lime, this anise-flavored liqueur turns milky white when mixed with water and ice. Sabra: From Israel, this chocolate-flavored liqueur is intriguingly accented with Jaffa oranges. Sambuce Romana: Deriving its licorice flavor from elder bus fruit, this liqueur is classically added to espresso along with three coffee beans. Sloe Gin: Highlighted in the sloe gin fizz, this red liqueur is flavored with cherry-like sloeberries. Southern Comfort: This potent peach-flavored liqueur has a bourbon whiskey base. Tia Maria: Coffee liqueur from Jamaica with a rum-flavored base. Triple Sec: Another orange-flavored liqueur, this one, flavored with orange peel fro the Dutch West Indies, is reminiscent of curacao but it's clear, plus sweeter and higher in proof than curacao. Truffles: Like its confectionery namesake, this chocolate liqueur has nutty nuances. Tuaca: Italy's orange liqueur, with a whiff of vanilla. Vandermint: Sold in a Delft-like bottle, this Dutch liqueur combines chocolate and mint to make a refreshing treat. New Country Fare: Glorious Liqueurs Edited by Mary Aurea Morris ISBN: 0-9627403-1-4 Formatted by Carolyn Shaw 3-96.. From: Carolyn Shaw Date: 04-12-96 (02:41) Winquest Pc (312) Gourmet

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