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Pear and Almond Tart

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 1
Categories: Apples / Desserts / Fruits / Tarts

1 1/2  Cups  Flour
1/3  Cup  Sugar
2  Teaspoons  Grated Lemon Peel
1/2  Cup  Unsalted Butter, chilled
1    Egg Yolk
1/2  Cup  Powdered Sugar
1  Teaspoon  Grated Lemon Peel
2  Teaspoons  Lemon Juice
1/2  Teaspoon  Vanilla
1/2  Teaspoon  Almond Extract
6  Ounces  Cream Cheese, softened
1  Cup  Whipping Cream
8  Small  Pear Halves, cooked (28 oz. can)
2  Tablespoons  Apple Jelly
1/2  Cup  Almonds, sliced

For the crust: Combine the flour, sugar and lemon peel in a bowl and cut in the butter using a pastry blender. Add the egg yolk and work it in with hands until dough makes a ball. Press dough into an 11-inch tart pan, or a 10-inch springform pan, or a 9-inch pie pan. Prick the bottom with a fork and bake at 300 for 30 minutes or until golden brown. Cool. For the filling: Beat the cream cheese until smooth. Add powdered sugar, lemon peel, lemon juice, vanilla, almond extract and slowly add whipping cream. Beat until the mixture is about like whipped cream. Do NOT overbeat or it will become runny. Pour into shell. Drain pears and discard juice. Trim one pear half into a circle and put in the center of the tart. Arrange the other halves around it, pressing into the filling. Melt apple jelly in small pan and cool slightly. Pour over pears. Sprinkle almonds on top. Chill.

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