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Raspberry Vinegar Face Splash

Author/Submitted by: More Make Your Own Groceries, Shared by Sherilyn Schamber
Servings: 1
Categories: Information / Personal

3  C  Fresh strawberries
1  C  White distilled vinegar

** This is the original, pH-balanced face splash for normal to oily skin. It is both invigorating and non-drying. Further, any commercial face splash or pH-restorer is only an inferior, synthetic version of what this or any vinegar can do. Vinegar splashed onto a wet, just-washed face forms what is called an acid mantle, which allows your skin to replenish the just-washed-away facial oils, but prevents the build-up of excess oils that clog pores. Any vinegar will accomplish the balance, but distilled vinegar or the following fruit-scented distilled vinegars are the most pleasant. Measure 1c raspberries into a non-aluminum bowl. Use a potato masher to just slightly mash the berries. Pour 1 c vinegar atop. Place plastic wrap directly on the surface of the berry mixture. Let stand at room temperature 18-24 HOURS. Strain vinegar into a clean, non-aluminum bowl, discard raspberries. Measure a fresh cup of raspberries into the vinegar, mash slightly. Cover and let stand as directed above. Follow the instructions in the preceding paragraph once more, using the last cup of raspberries. Strain the completed raspberry vinegar along with 2/3c water into an attractive bottle. Shake to combine and replace the bottle's cap or cork. To Use: Wash and rinse face as you usually do. Pour a teaspoon or 2 of the raspberry vinegar into a cupped hand and quickly splash it over your entire face. Let set a few seconds before blotting your face dry. Try not to get the vinegar in your eyes. STRAWBERRY VINEGAR: Replace raspberries with 3c washed hulled strawberries. ORANGE VINEGAR: Add the peel of 1 orange to 1c white vinegar. Do not include the white, bitter part of the peel. Let mixture steep in a non-aluminum covered container for 1 WEEK. Pour vinegar plus 2/3c water into a bottle and us as directed.

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