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Shrimp Talk

Author/Submitted by: Julia Child
Servings: 1
Categories: Information / Seafood


By Julia Child Shrimp are exceptionally perishable, and because of this, many packers use a chemical called tripolyphosphate to keep them firm and white. But when they use too much, the shrimp take on an unpleasant cleaning-fluid odor and taste. Read the package label! When buying frozen shrimp, you will have the best luck, I think, if you choose them raw in the shell. If your market has thawed the shrimp, give your purchase a serious sniff before leaving the premises; keep them on ice, and use them at once. Top-quality frozen shrimp (and we've had some that were excellent) should not only smell sweet and fresh, they should also be beautifully tender to eat, especially when broiled with bacon.

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