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Simmering Potpourri

Author/Submitted by: Make Alike Recipes
Servings: 1
Categories: Household / Information / Make Alike

2  C  Water
2  Tbsp  Cinnamon
1  Tbsp  Apple pie spice
1  Tbsp  Ground allspice
1  Tsp  Ground cloves

Fragrances to ward off lingering odors of foods and stuffy rooms. In small skillet or saucepan, combine all. Gently simmer on back burner of stove, 10 minutes. Replace water as needed if it evaporates. Mixture can stand in pan uncovered and returned to stove as needed. Or use it in an crock pot. Put in some orange or lemon peels now and then to enhance the fragrance. Let mixture stand at room temperature when not being heated and re-use it over and over again, adding new spices and water to the old mixture to revitalize it. Shared by Sherilyn Schamber

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