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Sweet Air Spray

Author/Submitted by: Cheaper and Better
Servings: 16
Categories: Household / Information

2  C  White vinegar
1  C  Any combination of herbs or, spices, fresh or dri
    Rose petals
    Cinnamon sticks
    Pine needles
    Apple peel
    Orange peel
    Lemon peel
    Lime peel
    Honeysuckle or other, fragrant blossoms
    Peppermint extract
    Walnut extract

** Cleanse the air of smoky or musty odors. Experiment with herbs and spices that smell the nicest to you, or choose a combination. Cinnamon smells like a bakery. Pine reminds us of Christmas. Plan to keep an open container handy for adding to your collection of items for this potpourri. Place all in a glass or enamel pan. Heat to a gentle, simmering boil, simmer 10 minutes. Cool. Pour liquid and herbs into a large sturdy jar. Close jar tightly, label, and store it where you will see it for 2-4 WEEKS. Remember to SHAKE the jar ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK. Strain and reserve juice. Pour liquid into pump-type spray container or atomizer. Label. Idea: Take a cup or so of your dried ingredients and pour it into an oven mitt. Sew up the opening with basting stitches and use the scented mitt for a hot plate. Fragrance will be released every time you use it and you can recycle the dried materials into SWEET AIR SPRAY when you are ready to wash the mitt. 16 oz. Big savings. Shared by Sherilyn Schamber

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