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Sweet Potpourri

Author/Submitted by: Cheaper and Better
Servings: 7
Categories: Household / Information / Personal

    -----SPICY MIXTURE-----
2  Tbsp  Allspice
2  Tbsp  Cinnamon
2  Tbsp  Nutmeg
2  Tbsp  Whole cloves
2  Tbsp  Dried citrus: lemon, orange, or lime peel
2  Tbsp  Borax
2  Tsp  Orrisroot
2  Qt  Dried rose petals
1  Qt  Dried geranium petals
1  C  Dried peppermint leaves
1/2  C  Lavender petals
8    Whole cloves
1  Tbsp  Ground nutmeg
2  Tsp  Orrisroot
    -----MOTH-BE-GONE MIXTURE-----
1/2  C  Lavender petals
1/2  C  Cedar shavings
2  Tbsp  Thyme
2  Tbsp  Rosemary
2  Tbsp  Cloves
1  Tbsp  Caraway seeds
1  Tbsp  Mace
1  Tbsp  Cinnamon
1  Tbsp  Nutmeg
1  Tbsp  Black pepper
1  Tsp  Orrisroot

Preheat oven 110F. To dry flower petals, pick petals in the morning right after the dew has dried. Layer petals on a tray and place in full sunlight or a warm oven 6-8 hours until brittle. Cool before using. Combine all and store in a glass jar, tightly covered. Let potpourri sit 5-6 WEEKS. Turn jar once a day. Ideas: Pretty bowls and big seashells are ideal containers for potpourri. Make simple little sachets by cutting circles of fabric, adding a teaspoon of potpourri in the middle, and closing with ribbon. Place in drawers or on shelves between linens. Fancy lace handkerchiefs make easy sachets, tied and used as above. 7 oz Big savings. Shared by Sherilyn Schamber

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