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Wall Cleaner

Author/Submitted by: Cheaper and Better, Shared by Sherilyn Schamber
Servings: 1
Categories: Household / Information

1/2  cup  Borax
2  teaspoons  Dishwashing liquid OR, SOFT SOAP
1  tablespoon  Ammonia
1  gallon  Warm water

1. ** Will hold up to the job! Very inexpensive so you can change your water over and over. Changing your water is one of the quicker ways to do this job effectively, and if you really want to be efficient, when you change your washing solution because it's too dirty for the walls, go ahead and use it to wipe up any nearby floors with a spare cloth before you change your water and continue with the walls. Then to be even more efficient, and only if you have sewers, pour solution down the toilet and swish it around with a toilet bowl brush before flushing. This way, you clean 3 progressively more disgusting things with the same bucket of water.

2. Finally, you start all over again with clean water and go back where you left off on the wall. You should not have to bother with rinsing.

3. Mix all by pouring into a clean gallon size jug and shaking. Add enough warm water to fill. Label. Tight cap. Keep out of the reach of children.

4. To Use: Pour into spray bottle and use full strength for spots or add 2c solution to a pail of warm water for larger jobs. When scrubbing walls, use a soft sponge and work from the bottom up to avoid streaking. Work in small sections at a time. 1 gal.

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