The Wall of Shame 

At the bottom of my Web site is a copyright notice and the following warning:

Steal my code and you shall suffer my wrath!

I wasn't kidding when I wrote that. This page showcases those Web sites that have decided to steal the HTML code on Flora's Hideout and have called it their own. I have decided to expose them here. Welcome to The Wall of Shame.

For more information about copyright protection, visit What is Copyright Protection?, a Web site that explains how Web sites are protected by copyright laws.

Randalla's Restaurant & Catering

January 13, 2007: Randalla's Restaurant & Catering "Recommended Links" stole the HTML code and are inlining the images from Flora's Kitchen. I decided to take measures to prevent these jokers from displaying the images they inlined. I'd contact them, but their "About Us" page is blank!

March 23, 2009: They have redesigned their entire site. I wonder if they ever knew how shameful they were.

Palm Beach Holiday Guide

January 14, 2004: I discovered that a commercial Web site known as the Palm Beach Holiday Guide stole the HTML code from Flora's Party Room. After several attempts to contact them and their ISP, I have not received a response. They even had the nerve to replace my copyright notice with their own copyright.

Feb. 15, 2004: Palm Beach Holiday Guide is gone! They never responded to my e-mails so I'm not sure what happened, but it's all good.

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