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Apple Graham Pie

Author/Submitted by: The General Electric Microwave Guide and Cookbook
Servings: 6
Categories: Desserts / Fruits / Microwave / Pies & Pastries

1/2  Cup  Butter
1/4  Cup  Sugar
2  Cups  Graham Cracker Crumbs
5  Cups  Apples, Thinly Sliced
1/2  Cup  Sugar
1  Teaspoon  Cinnamon

In large glass mixing bowl place butter. Microwave at High 1 Minute, until melted. Add sugar and crumbs. Mix well. Press half of mixture firmly and evenly into 9-in. pie plate. In large mixing bowl place apple slices; they should be 1/8 to 1/4-in. thick. Add sugar and cinnamon, mixing well. Mound and press down into crumb crust. Cover apples with remaining crumbs to make top crust. Press crumbs down firmly, especially at edges, to prevent boilover. Insert temperature probe so tip is in center of pie. Cover with wax paper. Attach cable end at receptacle. Microwave at High. Set Temp, Set 200 degrees. When oven signals, remove pie and let stand 10 minutes covered with wax paper. Remove wax paper so crumb topping is allowed to dry and crisp. Serve warm or cold. Makes 1 (9-in.) pie. On models not equipped with probe use minimum microwave time and check for doneness.

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