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Freezing Cakes

Author/Submitted by: Barbara Willenberg, Nutritional Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia.
Servings: 0
Categories: Baking / Cakes


Cakes made with standard recipes freeze well, especially if baked before freezing. Prebaked cakes containing fat may dry out slightly after 2 months; flavor changes may be expected after 4 months. Use pure extracts because imitation extracts may produce off flavors. Cakes keep: egg white cakes - 6 months; whole egg cakes - 4 to 6 months; egg yolk cakes - 2 months; shortened cakes 2-4 months. Bake cake; cool; freeze before packaging for ease in handling; wrap in moisture-vapor-proof material. Since cakes do not freeze freeze solid, place in a metal container or heavy carton to prevent crushing. Thaw baked cakes in their original wrappings to prevent formation of moisture in the cake's surface. A large cake will thaw in about 2 hours at room temperature. Frostings and fillings: Uncooked confectioner's sugar frostings freeze best. Fat in a frosting helps keep it from drying and forming crystals. Candy type frostings such as fudge and penuche are satisfactory if stored no longer than 4 weeks. Boiled and other soft frostings containing egg whites or cream fillings are not suitable for cakes that will be frozen. It is better to put on icing just before the cake is to be served. The exception is the butter-confectioner's sugar type which does freeze well.

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