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Helpful Hints for Cookies

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Servings: 1
Categories: Cookies / Information

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1. * Butter should be brought to room temperature before using. You can put butter in the microwave for approx. 20 seconds to soften (remember, because the microwave wattages vary, the time given is approximate)

2. * Melt chocolate in the top of a double boiler or in your microwave (in microwave start with approx. 30 seconds, and stir chocolate). Care must be taken that chocolate doesn't burn.

3. * Preheat oven or approx. 15 minutes before using.

4. * Check cookies about 2/3 of the way through baking. If cookies are not browning evenly, rotate cookie sheet.

5. * When measuring flour, spoon it loosely into the measuring cup and level it with the straight edge of a knife or spatula.

6. * When sifting flour, if the recipe calls for "X cups sifted flour,"sift it before measuring. If recipe calls or "X cups flour, sifted," sift after measuring.

7. * Store cookies in airtight containers. Cookies will stay fresh for about a week stored in this fashion.

8. * Never store crisp Cookies with soft ones, or the crisp ones will turn soft.

9. * When packaging cookies for travel pick cookies without sharp points, as the travel will probably break the points.

10. * When packaging fragile cookies for travel place them back to back and wrap in waxed paper or place in sandwich baggies.

11. * To get uniform cookie size and shape use a spring-handled ice-cream scoop. (These come in various sized and are referred to by number -- which is the number of scoops per quart of ice cream. If your recipe calls for dough by the rounded teaspoonful use a number 70 scoop.

12. * Only regular margarine or butter should be used in recipes calling for margarine or butter. May diet margarines, spreads, and soft margarines in tubs contain higher percentages of water or have had air whipped into them. Using these products may result in a less desirable cookie.

13. * When packaging cookies use popped popcorn to fill the spaces for additional protection. Not only is it light-weight it is ecologically sound. IF the idea of popping corn does not appeal to you, your local furniture store, computer warehouse, or delivery outpost may have the styrofoam peanuts for either no or a minimal cost.

14. * Best choices for packing and shipping -- unfrosted crispy or chewy bars ~- chewy or fudgy brownies -- drop cookies -- firm cut-out cookies

15. * Poor choices for packing and shipping -- cake-like brownies or bars ~- soft cookies -- cookies or bars with frosting -- cookies or bars with ingredients that might spoil or melt in warm weather

16. * LAST BUT NOT LEAST -- LABEL BOX *PERISHABLE* to encourage speedy and careful handling.

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