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Raw Eggs in Ice Cream

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Servings: 0
Categories: Desserts / Information


1. From Some of the best and richest ice creams are made with eggs. If your recipe calls for uncooked eggs, consider using the equivalent amount of egg-substitute or cook the eggs and milk (to at least 160 F). Though the risk of salmonella in uncooked eggs is relatively small, the illness can be life-threatening to infants, pregnant women, the elderly, and ill or immuno-compromised people.

2. From Many people tell me that the freezing temperatures of the ice cream will kill the salmonella bacteria. Unfortunately, this is a false assumption. Although the salmonella bacteria will not grow below 40 degrees F., freezing does not destroy those organisms already present in the raw egg. Only recipes that call for cooking the egg mixture are safe to use. Sometimes these are referred to as cooked custard ice creams. If you just won't give up grandmother's ice cream recipe that contains raw eggs, please revise it to use pasteurized eggs instead. Pasteurized eggs have gone through a process that destroys the salmonella bacteria, but does not cook the eggs or affect their color, flavor, appearance, nutritional value or functional properties. You will find these eggs in the dairy case packaged in a container that resembles a small milk carton.

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