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Solving Pound Cake Problems

Author/Submitted by:
Servings: 0
Categories: Cakes / Information / Southern


1. BATTER OVERFLOWS: Too much batter in pan or overmixing.

2. STICKY CRUST: Too much sugar or underbaked.

3. DAMP CAKE: Cooled too long in pan or underbaked.

4. TOUGH CRUST: Overmixed or not enough sugar, fat, or liquid.

5. SINKING IN CENTER: Underbaking; Removed from pan too soon; Exposed to draft during baking and cooling; or Too much liquid, leavening, or sugar.

6. HEAVY TEXTURE: Not enough leavening; Old baking powder or baking soda; Overmixing; Wrong baking temperature; or Too much fat, sugar, or liquid.

7. CRUST TOO BROWN ON BOTTOM: Use of dark baking pan; Pan placed too low in oven.

8. CAKE FALLS: Insufficient baking; Oven temperature too low (check oven temperature with thermometer); Removed from pan too soon.

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