Miss. Satellite's Hideout

Welcome to my hideout! I am a female kitty who was born Aug. 10, 1996. My humans aren't sure what kind of cat I am, but I am very much a lady. Happy Tails, the place I came from, thinks I'm a Turkish Angora. I am a beautiful, long-hair kitty with soft black fur.

I am extremely curious and love watching T.V. I also love warm fires in the fireplace. When I'm not busy getting into trouble with my sister Doppler, I enjoy sleeping in the sun. Occasionally, I will play fetch with my humans, which impresses my easily amused family.

Update: In November 2017, Satellite passed away in her sleep. She is still very missed.

Photo Album

  • Even at an early age, I had the keen ability to hunt.
  • This was after some horrible torture called a bath.
  • This picture was taken spring 2001 and I look quite dignified.
  • Will you just hurry up and take the picture?!
  • What are you looking at?
  • I have very pretty green eyes.
  • Please feed me.

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